Errors while Installing Sitecore Commerce 9 Update 2 : My Learning

Hello All,

Last week, I got an opportunity to install Sitecore Commerce 9 update 2 with Sitecore 9.0.2. I took help from below article. Thanks Viet Hoang and Peter Prochazka for all your help.

Sitecore Commerce 9 Update 2 and Step-by-step Install Guide on your machine

I suggest all of you to follow the above article for successful installation. If you follow Setup Prerequisites accurately then there won’t be any issue while running script. But somehow that was not the case with me. I have experienced few errors and that might be the case with you as well. So I would like share my experience on what errors I have faced and how I come up with it.

1. Install -SitecoreConfiguration : Cannot create a file when that file already exists. (Exception from HRESULT: Ox800700B7)


This error was not allowing my script to restart Sitecore XP Instance due to already existence of  binding/Host Name in IIS (this may happen if you run the script multiple time with different location) which I have defined for $SiteHostHeaderName. I have removed duplicate one and script went ahead.

2.Creating and starting the Commerceminions Sc9 Services application pool                Install-Sitecoreconfiguration : The requested operation failed. A system reboot is required to roll back changes made.


To resolve this issue, I have performed manual restart App pool and Site and It worked for me.

3. Install -SitecoreConfiguration : Unrecognized escape sequence. (108) : { ..


If you went through all the steps of installation , you may have noticed that we need to provide Data Source for SQL connectionString in case of multiple instances of SQL Server.  I made a mistake with Slash
Ensure to use double slash // in your json files, especially for Sql Server instance if any and It worked for me

4. Install -SitecoreConfiguration : IIS 10.0 Detailed Error – 500.21 – Internel Server Error HTTP Error 500.21 – Internel Server Error                                                                    Handler ‘aspNetCore’ has a bad module ‘AspNetCoreModule’ in its module list


Somehow my NET Core SDK 2.0.0 get corrupted so I had to repair it. Then I re-run the script and issue has been resolved.

5. Install -SitecoreConfiguration : The remote name could not be resolved: ‘sxa.storefront.local’


Here I have performed two things and it worked for me:

A. I have removed certificate for the Sitecore Commerce Engine Connect and re created it.

B. I have tried to use my own $EngineSuffix rather than default one

Finally I was able to see the screen for which I was waiting. Sitecore Experience Commerce


This was my experience while installing it. You may come across with same or different issues. Please share the details with me so that I can add those issues over here and we can help our community.

You and I, Lets learn together 🙂


Chirayu Brahmbhatt

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